Erasmus Student Network Belgium (ESN Belgium) is managed by the National Board (NB) that represents the Belgian network towards all external stakeholders. Each Board member is an experienced volunteer that originates from one of our sections. The National Board and National Coordinators are elected at the end of the academic year to start their mandate on the 1st of August. The Board of 2020-2021 consists of the following people.


Gwenaëlle Poulet


ESN VUB EhB Brussels



Joachim Bonte


ESN Gent


Enriko Shkurti

National Representative

ESN KULBrussels

Milano Hussein

Vice-National Representative

ESN Gent


Roy Kunnen

 Communication Manager

ESN Mechelen



Darwyn Bruelemans

I.T. Manager

ESN Leonardo Kortrijk



Isabel Housen

Project Manager

ESN Hasselt




Jennifer Pollentier


ESN Gent



Siem Buseyne

Education Officer

ESN Gent


Pauline Menten

Partnership Manager

ESN Gent